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Inkline Design

Our Philosophy

There are a lot of options out there, so who’s going to be the right fit for you?

Here at Inkline Design, we speak your language. We work with you through the design process to find the best solutions that embody your brand. It’s about knowing your target market and providing a cohesive plan that translates to new connections and ROI. We like building long-term relationships with our clients so we always strive to exceed expectations. Do you have your domain yet? That’s a great place to start – buy domains and hosting for less here.

Our Mission

To create professional design solutions that are clever and engaging.

In order to provide an array of client services, we’ve worn many hats over the years creating full-service solutions for small business budgets. Today we’re growing strong and teaming up with some talented creatives and developers to continue providing clients with professional design and web solutions. We’re a small but highly skilled team here to be your exclusive resource, and being that there’s no swanky office overhead or extensive administrative costs, we can pass those savings along to you.

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Cherissa Kline

Cherissa Kline


It all started when she was just a kid, ecstatically loading 5″ floppies into her dad’s Apple II computer with pure delight for all things digital. After pursuing her dreams and completing the Long Beach State Design Bachelors Program and a Marketing Minor, Cherissa dedicated herself to providing conceptual, elegant design and web solutions for an array of clients.

Since 2000, Cherissa has continued to work tirelessly to achieve desired results under short deadlines while demonstrating a commitment to excellence. Her experience and knowledge in coding and design give her an edge in a world of left-brain developers and right-brain creatives.

When she’s not glued to her computer, Cherissa enjoys savoring the moments with family, group fitness torture with Pfriends, hiking/ kayaking, and traveling with her husband and nearly grown kiddo. 

BA in Graphic Design, Minor in Marketing

Joshua Kline

Joshua Kline


Josh is a storyteller, his passion is creating powerful images that convey an idea. He’s been a commercial photographer and video producer/director for the last decade. He’s worked on a diversity of projects including ad campaigns, corporate events, promotional photography and virtually every kind of commercial photography. Josh has shot corporate events, premier parties, celebrities, presidents and thousands of other people from all walks of life. He’s served big brands such as Nike, AAMCO, KB Home and Lionsgate along with small business, non-profits and organizations.

Josh is a walking encyclopedia and loves to tout meaningful quotes at opportune times, like “Do, or do not. There is no try.” He is pretty darn serious about quality equipment, politics, and his sushis’ color.

Film and Video Production degree


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