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Logo design
Business cards & Working Papers
Booklet & Brochure design
Flyers & Postcards
Print Advertisements
Tradeshow Displays & Signage
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As designers we don’t make your brand – your brand will be shaped by the perceptions of your audience. Designers form the foundation of your brand. It’s important to have a strong brand image across all mediums. A quality, conceptual design can help your business soar above the crowd. It needs to do more then just look pretty and be designed in industry-standard programs; it needs to resonate with people and have a clear concept and powerful messaging.

  • Identity – The visual components that form the overall brand.
  • Logo – The simplest form of identification through the use of a mark or icon.
  • Brand – Audiences’ perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
Asset Delivery

You’ll get industry-standard vector files for identity projects and high-res print-ready pdf files for any printer you’d like to work with, whether local to your community or online. We have quality printers we recommend as well.

Photo / Video Production

Photography Services
  • Environmental Photography
  • Head Shots
  • Group Photos
  • Product Photography

Whatever your image needs, Josh and his team can provide you with powerful, innovative solutions at a good value.

Video Production
  • Promotional Videos
  • Client Testimonials

Whatever your video needs, Josh and his team can provide you with powerful, innovative solutions at a good value.

Asset Delivery

Clients always own their images with unrestricted copyright. Photos are delivered in industry stand formats and post-processed for proper color, sharpness, exposure, and tone. Image editing beyond this is available for an additional fee.

Web Design / Development

Standard Sites
  • New Sites & Redesigns
  • WordPress Websites / Blogs
  • Secure Ecommerce Solutions
  • Custom CMS Solutions

Your website is sometimes the first impression a potential client might have. Usability and a professional image is crucial to inform and retain potential customers. To be a leader in your field, you need a website built with a design esthetic that embodies your brand, with a solid marketing plan, and intelligent coding built to current web standards with search engine optimization to help boost traffic that can convert to new clients and sales.

What’s the best solution for your needs? The first question would be if you’d like a standard php/html website or a Blog & CMS WordPress website. The latter can be good for SEO but requires ongoing maintenance to ensure database and site security.

Looking at your goals and budget we’d then decide on whether a template or a completely custom site is the better solution. Our clients don’t always have the time or budget for us to create a fully custom design for their project and in many cases it’s just not necessary to “reinvent the wheel.”  Starting with a “base” theme can be a great way to setup your online presence when budgets are tight while a completely custom website can be tailored to meet your specific needs and design esthetic. Whatever direction we choose, you’ll get professional, quality work at a fair price – can’t get much better then that.

Hosting + Domain + SSL + Email Services >

Wordpress Sites / Blog

WordPress sites can be a great, cost-effective way to get a small business website up and running fast. It provides a robust system with a Control Management System (CMS) to edit your own website pages or blog posts. Plus the if you want to maintain it on your own, so we provide training based on your needs to help you complete these tasks, regardless of your previous abilities.

Benefits of a WordPress site include :

  • It’s easy to use. If you can use Word, you can use the WordPress admin interface.
  • There is no software to download, you’ll simply access your admin section via the internet 24/7 to add blog posts, modify any existing page content, or even add new subpages if you choose.
  • Blogs can be will be beneficial for SEO, saturating your site with relevant keywords and content.
  • Enables you to keep your website content fresh without having to pay a programmer every time for simple text edits (again good for SEO).


The only disadvantage for WordPress websites is that if they aren’t kept up to date, they become less secure and more vulnerable to hacking/malware. It’s important to perform backups and monthly updates and take precautionary methods to protect your site, or hire an expert to do it for you monthly.

Ecommerce Sites

An Ecommerce site needs to do more than just look pretty  – it should also be well-organized and easy to navigate. Usability is key. Our standard WordPress Ecommerce sites are built with modified off-the-shelf software and set up with parameters based on your needs.

Standard Setups include : 

  • SECURITY – We’ll set you up SSL certificate to give buyers peace of mind (rates apply for yearly registration through host).
  • CMS – Control Management System to easily manage your products and pages in your store + Blog.
  • REPORTING – Get reports by product, category or period.
  • MARKETING WITH DEALS  – Run coupon code campaigns that can be set up with the limits you want like dollar value savings or % savings, or free shipping.
  • TAX & SHIPPING OPTIONS – Shipping classes for the tax settings you need based on local tax rates.
  • SEO – Built to assist you with Search Engine rankings.
  • ONE PAGE CHECKOUT – Fewer checkout steps are proven to increase conversions, we want your customers to check out quickly and efficiently.
  • RATINGS – Star rating comment system that’s easy to use and manage. You can even reward your reviewers with discounts.
  • SOCIAL – Encourage customers to share your products with their friends via social media. You can even incentivise sharing by offering discounts.
  • ACCOUNT PANEL – Your customers can log in and easily manage their orders and details through their account panel.
  • SHIPPING CALCULATOR – Give your customers the opportunity to see shipping costs before they checkout.
  • PRODUCT FILTERING – Structure your products how you need so customers can find what they’re looking for easily.
Custom Ecommerce Solutions

Different clients have different needs and we’ve done everything from modified off-the-shelf software to developing custom solutions.

For Custom Solutions we’ll need to know:

  • PRODUCT TYPE – Are you selling physical products that will be shipped by postal service or courier? or electronig products like ebooks, mp3, etc. ?
  • FUNCTIONALITY – Will there be single or multiple items offered, for example shirts with design, size, color options or one product without options? Do you want the ability to tag and categorize items? Do you need promo codes? Do users need login to track orders, password reset, stored contact info, etc?
  • PAYMENT – To take credit card orders you’ll need either Paypal , another internet merchant /gateway account of your choice.
  • DELIVERY – If your shipping products, we’ll need to set up charges for shipping & handling costs based on a flat rate you determine or where they are shipping in the US or beyond. Do you plan to ship internationally?
  • REPORTING – Do you need the system to be linked to any other systems you are currently using for accounting or POP? Do you need to be able to control stock through your website?


Online Marketing
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – is customized to each client project and is fairly complicated, pretty much a full time gig, so I’ve teamed up with some savvy consultants to help meet my clients SEO needs. SEO is constantly evolving and there’s no definitive how-to guide because of the constantly changing algorithms. It starts with analytics setup, site optimization and tracking, then there’s it requires a period of analysis and research for enhancements, then finally it’s necessary to monitor with monthly maintenance to help ensure higher ranking.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) – Includes : Google, Bing, and Yahoo other paid ‘Sponsored Results’ that you are only charged for when someone clicks on them, not every time they are shown in search results. This type of advertising can be a great way to reach your target audience but it can also be expensive, depending on your market and competition in your area. It can be a great way to test your market and the response before you begin investing in Search Engine Optimization.
  • EMAIL MARKETING – is a great way to reach existing and potential customers. A customized email newsletter (eblast) can help you stand out in a busy inbox. It enables you to keep in touch with past clients, attract new ones, or communicate with others in your industry in a professional manor. Every experience your customers have should maintain your brand image and communicate your marketing message. Setup includes a customized template that is setup for Constant Contact, MailChimp, or others of your choice.
Social Media Marketing
  • Sites like Facebook, GoogleMyBusiness, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, Pintrist, Wikipedia, and many others have been helping businesses reach out directly to their consumers and connect on a more personal level. It’s the new form of direct mail that bypasses the costly print production, mailing lists, and postage.

    Setup includes design customization for consistent profile brand images along with quotes for monthly maintenance based on the level of interaction you’d like managed for you. We have experienced associates who can help with keeping your feeds current and relevant with content generation based on your approved resources. Contact us for a quote base on your specific online marketing needs.

Direct Mail

Depending on your market and goals, tangible custom-designed postcards, brochures, or flyers might be a better fit. If you don’t have an existing address database,we can help you find one. We’ll also help you create a beautiful brochure with a solid marketing message.

Print Advertising

NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE ADVERTISING – can be effective for certain types of products and services. If you’re not sure, you can usually get a good deal out of most papers for a first trial. We’ll want to be sure we define a method to track like a promo code or temporary subdomain where we track unique page views and online sales if you have an Ecommerce site.

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