Here’s how Inkline Design builds your WordPress site with SEO best practices in mind.
Anything with a + means it would take more setup time or would be done after setup and thus is not included with regular WP installations we do but can be added upon request.
The not-so-secret sauce: WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide


#1 WordPress Visibility Settings
search engine visibility is turned “ON” after launch.

#2 Permalinks
Permalinks are always set to POST NAME in WordPress new builds.

#3 Use Tags & Categories
TAGS and CATEGORIES can be set up IF the client provides them along with their blog post text upon initial design/build.
+ To keep up with SEO, the client must be adding NEW, RELEVANT, KEYWORD SPECIFIC CONTENT monthly or at minimum quarterly to the blog.

#4 SEO Plugin
Free, base version of Yoast SEO plugin can be added with all new setups,
+ it’s up to them to optimize individual pages and posts or pay for that service if they want help.
+ OR you could purchase the GoDaddy SEO tool:
• Search Optimization: Improve search engine rankings with keyword and suggested topics tool
• Keyword suggestions: Get personalized phrases and words to add to increase traffic to your website and help it rank better.
• Tracking your ranking: Track the progress of your website’s rank on Google over time.
• Create your sitemap: Customize, create and submit a site map to aid search engines in crawling your site.
+ OR instead of Yoast SEO, use All in One SEO plugin.

#5 XML Sitemaps
Free, base version of Yoast SEO plugin provides a free XML sitemap that is activated when site is launched.
That sitemap link can be submitted to google – requires Google Analytics and Search Conole account access is provided.
GA4 current required setup for Google Analytics code can be added as well.
Google Recapcha setup is also done to help limit spambot form submissions and bot login attempts.

#6 Internal Links
These need to be provided within the client’s content.
+ OR they can pay for our time to create them. Free, base version Link Whisper can be added upon request and setup at hourly rate or client can mange if they choose.

#7 Image Optimization
This is always done with the initial build. In addition, I do keyword-specific file names and ALT TAGS (important for Accessibility). Another BIG plus for SEO.
+We can help add future images as needed OR, it is up to the client if they are adding new images themselves to make sure they are also optimized (proper file size for page load), named properly without spaces (use dashes in file names) and add ALT tags when adding to WP library. There are some plugins that offer this help if they don’t have the proper design software. I suggest WP Optomize also great for cleaning up page/post revisions and database as needed to keep site size down.

#8 SSL
Included with your Inkline Design Hosting WordPress Managed Plan

#9 Nofollow External Links
If/ when external links are used, “nofollow” is the suggested setting.
You can manually add a Nofollow link to your WordPress site, or you can simply add “nofollow” in the “Link Relationship” form field when you add a hyperlink to your keywords or phrases.

#10 Managed Security
I offer to my clients, for $25/yr, licenses for BackupBuddy and ithemes security pro which have served myself and my clients extremely well over the years.  +
$200/yr is the retail cost on these two plugins you were to buy single licenses on your own.

 #11 Optimize Comments 
This is the only thing we don’t do. We normally advise turning off all comments. Leaving comments open typically leads to a whole bunch of spam and attempted malware hacks. 

+ There are some solutions suggested here that may require paid plugins. If they plan to manage this, we can add this and open up the *blog only* for comments.

All In One WordPress Security & Firewall and Spam Protection, Anti Spam, Firewall by CleanTalk.

*Responsive / Mobile Friendly Site Build
Mobile-Friendliness is now a confirmed ranking factor. We build our sites upon a theme builder that is responsive for mobile.
+ From time to time adjustments to link sizing or position my need to be adjusted to keep google search console happy. It’s important to monitor these alerts over time. We can help with any fixes upon request at our hourly rate.


Google Pay Per Click Campaign Setups/ Management
We can help with Google Ads account setup and management.