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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. This will help us evaluate the scope of work to create a web presence that will best suit your company. Skip any items you’re unsure of. We appreciate the opportunity to review your project needs.

    Contact Information




    Domain & Hosting

    Website* If you do not already own the domain, buy it now > ($9.99 /year .coms)

    If you already have hosting, who is it with? Is your hosting? windowslinuxnot sure

    Are you interested in integrating a blog/CMS (Content Management System for you to manage)?yesnonot sure

    Do you already have an SSL certificate? yesnonot sure

    Do you have a sellers permit? yesno ( If not review your state's policy ) California Requirement >


    Payment Processing

    What forms of payment are you set up to accept? VisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscover CardPayPalOther
    Enter your existing or desired merchant account* Compare options Payment Processing >

    ADD ONS: Would you like to offer coupons/discounts? yesnonot sure Would you like to add a referral/affiliate program? yesnomaybe laternot sure

    ADD ONS: Please list any third party systems you want to integrate in setup


    Tax, Shipping & Handling


    Does your site need to charge sales tax? yesnonot sure

    Setup for taxes varies by state can be complicated when you're selling online - especially in California. Please select one option:

    A "My accountant will advise us on how we will set my tax rates for in-state purchases." We will enter the values and tables they provide based on the state/counties you'll sell to.You'll also need to update all values each year as they change in the counties.
    B "Integrate a plugin that does it for me." WooTax > (FREE plugin, however, when TaxCloud helps you collect and file your taxes, they receive a small commission.)



    Do you have products requiring domestic shipping? yesnonot sureWill you be shipping internationally? yesnonot sure

    What shipping providers will you be using to fulfill orders? UPSFedExUSPSOtherDo you have an existing shipping accounts? yesnonot sure

    Which of the shipping option will you require from below? BasicAdvancednot sure yet

    - Basic Setup : Flat Rate Shipping Will this be per productper ordernot sure yet We can define multiple shipping classes for different flat rates - example domestic small box flat rate domestic $6, medium box flat rate domestic $13, large box flat rate domestic $18. It allows for pickup (no charge option). However you cannot set various shipping options like delivery speed, etc. USPS Flat Rates > (domestic & international)

    - Advanced setup : will require integration with third party plugin that can calculate shipping based on size, weight, desired speed, etc. Learn more > ($200/yr table rate shipping)



    WIll you be charging a handling fee?yesnonot sure yet( If yes ) Enter amount Will this be per productper ordernot sure yet


    Product Information

    What types of products does your company sell?

    Do your products have any digital downloads? (PDF documents, mp3, movies, etc.)yesnonot sure

    How many products will be sold your site? (best estimation)* Approximately, in how many categories will those products be grouped?

    Do you need inventory control on some items? (stops selling product when quantity remaining is zero) yesnonot sure yet

    Do you want customers to be able to leave product reviews?yesnotell me more

    Do you have product images? yesnoin progress

    Do you have product descriptions written? yesnoin progress

    Please provide a complete list OR at least 3 varying sample descriptions of your products. Try to use the most complex ones. Indicate the product ALL details (size, color, price, sale price, stock number, description, category, manufacturer...)


    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Please list below up to five keywords(short phrases) for which you think your website will be relevant. In other words, which words or phrases should a person type in a search engine to find your website?

    Email Marketing

    Mailing list functionality allows visitors to your website to sign up for a newsletter. Would you like to offer coupons/discounts? The website administrator can also add emails to the list, and sort them into groups. Mailings can be composed and sent to particular group(s) or the entire list. As part of this setup we will create one email template which can be used for creating new messages. If you'd like to add, choose a platform MailchimpConstantContactSendGridothernot sure yet

    Do you need to import an existing list of contacts that have willingly opted-in for email newsletters?yesno, starting freshdefine willingly


    Other Comments

    We covered the most common website features in this form. However, if you require any other functionality for your website, please describe it in detail here. Please provide as much information, data sample links, existing website examples etc. as you can.

    *indicates required fields